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Latest Update – ARATAG – new for 2019!

Latest Update – ARATAG – new for 2019!

Pangea are proud to announce the rolling out of ARATAG, their new phone application which has purposely been designed for use by zoo’s, aquariums, theme parks and museums. Designed to work with Apple and Android devices, ARATAG offers you the opportunity to enhance your visitors experience through an easy to use mobile application that will accompany your customers, every step of the way when at your attraction. Using both GPS and Aratag’s indoor iBeacon’s, ARATAG allows you the full flexibility to when your customers receive your added experiences. With an easy to manage interface, your administration team will be able to continuously add to your personal ARATAG experience on a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute basis.

The opportunities to create enhanced experiences of your attraction are endless when you use ARATAG – here are a few concepts that are easily introduced to get you started.

  • Want to create revenue opportunities? Using the iBeacon you can create a special alerts at specific locations of your attraction to raise awareness of ANYTHING.
  • Want to drive more customers towards a certain area of your attraction? Using ARATAG’s interactive map page you can guide your customers anywhere.
  • Want to drive your message of conservation or sustainability home to your customers? Using ARATAG you can provide limitless amounts of information. By using the iBeacon or GPS you can create special location alerts for specific exhibits that your organisation are striving to conserve or raise awareness about.
  • Want to increase the content your customers are being exposed to without having to invest in additional design and printing costs? By using ARATAG your team can build and develop NEW information at any time and adapt it as and when you want to.
  • Want to allow your customers to do their own research? ARATAG allows you to share the websites that are meaningful to your attraction allowing you to create a heightened learning opportunity.
  • Want your customers to feel engaged by the experiences even after they leave your attraction? All of your content is still available on their mobile devices allowing them to continue to learn and encounter further from the comfort of their home.

For more information on what ARATAG could do for your attraction and your customers contact +45 40 34 85 25


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